Waiting Room Education That Patients WANT To Watch

Do you find waiting room videos are boring, drive your Front Desk Staff crazy or feel that they are shouting at your patients, then this might be for you. InstantChiro TV  is revamped every month with new music, rearranged edits and new content. Seasonal edits help get your clinic in the mood for the Holidays without having to worry about organizing the music license. Have a favorite edit? then all the past edits from when you joined the program are available in your members areas. Instantly available and playable on any internet enabled device that you have lying around including PC, Mac, Tablets and Chromebooks.


Our research suggests that just using a Chiropractic Waiting Room Video consistently increases the clinics Patient Visit Average (PVA) by a minimum of 3, leading to dramatic financial rewards.

Streaming to Devices

Instant Streaming to most used devices (phone, Tablet, Chromebook, PC, MAC). Got a spare device then start in Clinic right now


No More Faded Posters

Are your clinic posters looking old and faded? Update today and get instant access with new posters monthly.

Educate Without The Effort

People believe TV and believe it more when it’s a generic product. Why try and convince a patient when they are willing to learn without your input.

Short Trailer – Available in 3 accents

Report Of Findings Video

There are somethings we wished our patients knew and believed in. We want them to know that soreness after treatment is normal and is a good sign. We want them to know that keeping in line with the treatment plan is essential. Yet when we tell them they seem to forget. People believe TV so let’s use it to our advantage. If you tell a patient before it happens, it’s an explanation. If you tell them afterwards it’s an apology.


  • Works on any web browser based device
  • Instant Access
  • Multiple versions and free updates

Pre-ReExam Video

We all know that a reexamination (ReExam) increases our patient visit average (PVA) but few in the profession do them. Make the most of, or start, your ReExam journey with our Pre-ReExam video. The video covers the common reasons for not improving, what to expect, maintenance and motivates the patient to reach their optimum health. Some of the clinics using the ReExam with the video have seen their PVA raise by 9. The result of this to patient health and the clinic business is massive.


  • Works on any web browser based device
  • Instant Access

Short Trailer – Available in 3 accents

Pre-ReExam Script And Procedures

There is nothing better than giving the correct patient information with the correct wording to maximize your results. Use Dr Paul Lindseys ReExam Scripts And framework to maximize your results. See your PVA soar with this section of the “Core of YOUR Clinic” system.  

Streaming to Devices

Instant Streaming to most used devices (phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, MAC). Got a spare device then start in Clinic right now

Unlock The PVA Code

Report Of Findings And ReExam’s have been shown, repeatably, to be the PVA growing changes clinics need.

Why Recreate The Wheel

Why stumble along making scripts and procedures when you can benefit from $1000’s of research dollars and 1000’s of research hours over multiple clinics?

Celebrity Website Quotes

Want to increase your search rankings. Video (or dwell time) has been shown to improve your results.

Add some positive reinforcement with these quotes on Chiropractic from Celebrities, Sports Professionals and Big Thinkers to your website easily.


  • Instant Access

Digital Posters For Clinic

Forget those boring posters! Educate your patients the way they want, with TV.

1 new poster a month to display and use in your clinic on as many devices as you want with a cumulative video added each month. Just let it run on a secondary screen to add more depth to your patient’s clinic experience.


  • Instant Access

Watermarked Example

Pelvic Torsion Course

Learn Dr Lindsey’s famous Pelvic Torsion Technique. Unlock those difficult low back patients and see dramatic results from the first visit. Utilizing the Arthrostim and Vibracussor instruments.


  • Works on any web browser based device
  • Instant Access

Dr Lindsey's Technique Videos

Get Dr Lindsey’s technique videos before anyone else at no extra cost. Including manual and instrument adjusting courses.


  • Works on any web browser based device
  • Instant Access

The CORE Of Your Clinic.

A full turnkey clinic structure with scripts and procedures for Chiropractors and Front Desk Staff. A new segment each month to allow you to implement them easily. The same system that was able to take Dr Lindsey’s clinics to 300% growth during the recession. It’s also the same system that has helped numerous clinics lower their treatment times, increase profit and take more time off. All this without losing patients. Also updated for the post COVID world.

Streaming to Devices

Instant Streaming to most used devices (phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, MAC). Got a spare device then start in Clinic right now

Unlock Potential

Unlock your clinic potential and decrease stress with little effort.

Learn New Ideas

The old way doesn’t work anymore. Selling multiple treatments and expecting patients to fall out of care is failing. Try the new way?

Autorotating Lead Generating Condition Video

Place it once and have a new conditions lead video appear on your site every month. Generate interest and renew content without effort. Help google rankings without having to take your focus away from your patients.


Social Media Calendar

We all know we need to do social media, but it takes a lot of time. What if someone had designed the graphics, researched the topics and prepared the posts? All you have to do is copy and paste. Does that make it easier?


  • Instant Access
  • 4+ posts a month
  • Awareness or discount based wording

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