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Below you’ll find the links to Waiting Room TV, Digital Posters and all the website add ons. These are all instantly available and playable on any internet enabled device that you have lying around including PC, Mac, Tablets and Chromebook’s.


CORE Of Your Clinic, Blog Posts, Chiropractic Techniques And Staff Training Included



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Full Day Mix

The first full day mix is a repeating of our most popular mix that is 8 hours long. Check back this week for Full day mixes from different video sets to give variety throughout the day.

Full Day Mix

The Second full day mix is a repeating of our most popular mix that is 5 hours long. 


  1. We want you to get the most from the club so don’t forget to contact us to let us know which website addess your site is at so you can add posters and quotes to your website.  Without adding your site address you will always get “not authorized” messages.
  2. If you have ordered a Chiropractic website from us then please contact us so we can get started. Our sites do not come from templates and you can add more complex things like online stores for your vitamin range.

Waiting Room TV And Digital Posters

Educate your patients and increase PVA with a few simple changes

Chiropractic Technique Training

Learn the new definition of non traumatic pelvic torsion and how to treat it

Web Site Addons

Add detail, depth and "dwell time" to your website with these easy to install videos.

Chiropractic Systems "The CORE Of Your Clinic"

A fully Turnkey Chiropractic Clinic Management System Delivered In Easy To Implement Monthly Segments

Video Scripts And Procedures

Learn The Procedures And Scripts For Increasing Your PVA

Order Your Website

Click here to get the process started.

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